Taijiquan Research and Practice

I've been practicing Taijiquan since 1994. I began with the Tang Peng branch of the Wu Jian Quan style. Wu Jian Quan was the teacher of Cailifo master Liang Qi (Leung Kai), who founded his own branch with Wu's permission. Liang Qi was the teacher of my first teacher, Huang Xiao Ming (Wong Sui Meing).

In 2005 I was introduced to Chen Zhonghua and began to study under his guidance. Since then working on the intricacies of the Practical Method Taijiquan of Hong Junsheng that Chen Zhonghua teaches has been my main personal training and movement research.

Chen Taijiquan Practical Method Yi Lu

My performance of the Chen Taijiquan Practical Method Yi Lu as taught by Chen Zhonghua at the First International Hong Junsheng Taijiquan Seminar and Competition on Daqingshan in Shandong, China, May 2011. The judges at the competition were Class 1 judges, licensed to evaluate the performance of Chinese martial arts at the international level. I was surprised and pleased to receive a score of 8.6/10 - a gold medal - for my efforts. Performing behind me is my 'Taiji brother' Ketong Lin; the video was taken by Levi Sowers my fellow disciple under Master Chen.

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Chen Style Practical Method Teaching Clip

This is a fragment from a short workshop I gave in 2011 at the Centre Tsurugi, an Aikido Dojo and Cultural Centre in Brest, Brittany, France. The topics covered range from set partner training exercises or tui shou taolu, to ‘body mechanics’ and an elusive Chinese martial arts concept called ‘double heavy’. The instruction is in French, but the dynamics of the movement should be quite clear. Thanks to my good friend Erwan Cloarec who filmed this clip and set up the workshop.

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